Keywords: Creativity, sexuality, attraction

Affirmation: I call forth abundance, prosperity, health and wellbeing as my natural birthright and I manifest them abundantly

Birthstone: Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.

Zodiac: Garnet is the zodiac stone for Aquarius (Jan.20-Feb.18)

Wedding anniversary: Garnet is the anniversary gemstone for the 15th and 19th year of marriage.

Garnet is one of the largest families of gemstones. They are most commonly known to be red but in fact the versatile Garnet comes in a virtual rainbow of colors, including pink, red, purple, orange, yellow, violet, green, colorless, occasionally black, brown and many shades of red and green. The most common color of garnets is reddish brown. The rarest is the blue garnet, discovered in the late 1990s in Bekily, Madagascar.

The five types of Garnet – Rhodolite, Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular, Andradite and Uvarovite – have different colours, chemical formulas and spiritual properties. 

Garnets can be translucent to transparent, sometimes opaque with a vitreous or resinous lustre. The best known type of garnet is red semi-precious stone pyrope, one of several red gems, which the ancients used to call Carbuncles.

Garnets are found in a wide variety of locations including Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Canada and USA. In USA garnet has been obtained in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Utah, Florida, California and Virginia. The majority of today's Garnet supplies come from Africa. Notable quantities of garnets have been also found in Czech Republic and Spain. Oranges and brown Garnets hail from Namibia and Sri Lanka.

Garnets are tools for making the products of creative imagination manifest in the three-dimensional world. The various kinds of Garnet are keyed to different types and levels of manifestation but all good for grounding one’s dreams and desires in the physical domain.

Used to assist in resolving blood deficiency diseases, Garnet is thought to stimulate bloodstream and pituitary glands as well as relieve rheumatism and arthritis pain. Garnet combats depression and lethargy. Garnet also stimulates the spleen, protects against depression and impure thoughts, cures fever and promotes good health.


Raw Garnet

10K Gold, triangular Garnet, 10.5 mm.
PRICE: $489.99

14K Gold, six stone Garnet cross pendant.
PRICE: $384.99

10K Gold, customized 8 X 6 mm Garnet oval in wide band of swirls.
PRICE: $499.00 SOLD

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