Keywords: Love, compassion, healing, abundance

Affirmation: Through love and compassion, all things are healed and blessings flow freely

Birthstone: Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May.

Zodiac: Emerald is the zodiac stone for Cancer (June21-July22).

Wedding anniversary: Emerald is the anniversary gemstone for the 20th, 35th and 55th year of marriage.

Emerald is a green variety of beryl, a beryllium aluminium silicate mineral with a hardness of 7.5 to 8. Emeralds occur in a variety of green colors. The magnificent green color that gives extraordinary value to this gem is due to small amounts of chromium and vanadium. Some emeralds have yellowish to bluish overtones.

Highly valued and desired, the brilliant green color of emerald has never ceased to dazzle. For centuries only those of great wealth could venture upon so priceless a gift, the symbol of faith, kindness and purity. A fine quality emerald of good color and clarity is more valuable than diamonds. 

Emeralds are cut in a variety of different shapes, ranging from the traditional rectangular step-cut, known as the "emerald cut," to rounds, ovals, squares and cabochons.

Long cherished for their brilliant green beauty, the finest Emerald gems and crystals have been found primarily in Columbia, but gem quality Emeralds are also mined in Brazil, Russia and Africa.

Of all gemstones, Emerald is the purest crystalline emanation of the Green Ray, colour of the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the wellspring of the emotions, particularly love and compassion.  Emerald can help one to heal heartbreak and to remember to give love to oneself as well as to others.

Many virtues are ascribed to emerald. It is said to drive away evil spirits, and to preserve the chastity of the wearer. Emerald is said to bring wisdom. Believed by the ancients to empower the owner with foresight into the future, an emerald is regarded as an amulet for good fortune.


Raw Emerald

10K Gold, Emerald and Diamond ring.
PRICE: $172.99

10K Gold depressed textured area across with heartshapes and round Emeralds.
PRICE: $519.99 SOLD

14K Gold, Emerald and Diamond cross, 1" long.
PRICE: $164.99 SOLD

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