Ammonite is one of the world’s rarest gems rivalling the rarity of such gemstones as alexandrite and red diamonds. Available in the full spectrum of colours , red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo & violet.  In 1981, Ammonite was given official gemstone status by the World Jewellery Confederation, the same year commercial mining of Ammonite began. It was designated the official gemstone of the Province of Alberta in 2004 and the official gemstone of the City of Lethbridge in 2007.

Ammonite is formed from an ancient marine fossil. Although sources of Ammonite exist in other locations around the globe, it is only in one isolated region of Southern Alberta, Canada, that this deposit produces the gemstone Ammonite.

Significant deposits of gem-quality Ammonite are only found in the Bearpaw formation that extends from Alberta to Saskatchewan in Canada and south to Montana in the USA. The best grade of gem quality Ammonite is along high energy river systems on the eastern slopes of the Rockies in southern Alberta. Most commercial mining operations have been conducted along the banks of the St. Mary River, in an area south of and between the town of Magrath and the city of Lethbridge. Roughly half of all Ammonite deposits are contained within the Kainah (Kainaiwa) reserve, and its inhabitants play a major role in ammonite mining.

Seventy-one million years of tectonic pressure, heat and mineralization have resulted in the formation of this geological wonder. At current production levels supplies of high grade ammonite are expected to be completely exhausted in approximately 20 years.

The color present in Ammonite is caused by light interference during refraction into the many layers of the gemstone. Each color in Ammonite represents a different layer of the gem material. Depending on the number of fine layers in the rough, everything from one colour to the full visible spectrum will be displayed. Since the play of light varies, every Ammonite gem shows a unique array of color. Ammonite’s luminous qualities rival the famous black opal for colours and fire.

In the late 1990s, practitioners of Feng Shui began to promote Ammonite as an "influential" stone with what they believe is the power to enhance well-being and detoxify the body by improving its flow of energy or "chi". Named the "Seven Color Prosperity Stone", each color is believed by Feng Shui practitioners to influence the wearer in different and positive ways. A combination of ruby red, emerald green, and amber yellow is most sought after for this purpose, the colors being said to enhance growth, wisdom, and wealth, respectively.


Raw Ammonite

Dragon skin Ammonite in 14k yellow gold ring.

Ammonite set in 14k yellow gold ring with 2 Diamonds =0.16cttw.


10K Gold custom hand fabricated, oval Ammolite signet style. 13.5 X 17 mm, AA grade, floral pattern.
PRICE: $799.00 SOLD

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