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Custom Designs- Price based on finished weight of metal, polishing, texture, ring size, setting of stones bought from Gemport or provided by customer.

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Fineness of Gold- Since fine (pure) gold is too soft for most uses, it is alloyed with other metals to achieve a desired hardness. During this process the colour, hardness, malleability and melting point can also be altered. Silver and copper are the two most common additives, but many other metals can be used. The relative amount of gold in an alloy is called the karat. This word signifies proportion and should not be confused with carat, which is a unit of weight.

Alloy Compositions
Karat European Gold Copper Silver Nickel Zinc
10K Yellow Gold 0.415 41.7% 40.89% 11.7% 5.8%
10K White Gold 0.415 41.7% 32.82% 17.08% 8.4%
14K Yellow Gold 0.585 58.3% 30.0% 5.0% 6.67%
14K White Gold 0.585 58.3% 22.1% 10.80% 8.77%
18K Yellow Gold 0.750 75% 10% 15%
18K White Gold 0.750 75% 7% 14% 4%
14K Green Gold 58.3% 7% 4.0% 0.2%
18K Red Gold 75% 25%
22K Yellow Gold 0.9167
24K Yellow Gold 0.9999










Metal Repairs

 Estimates given at store prior to putting in job bag

  1. Retipping
  2. Soldering rings together
  3. Chain repairs
  4. Supply and solder bails
  5. figure 8 safety clasps
  6. safety chains
  7. bracelet rivet or pin replacement
  8. Plating
  9. Polishing


  1. setting - pave, claw setting, bezel, gypsy, invisible, tension
  2. tightening
  3. repolishing.
  4. Reglue

Sizing/Half & quarter Shanks

  1. Up or down
  2. installing square or stirrup shanks
  3. Installing Super-fit shanks- special order (based on US $)
  4. Liners
  5. sizing of rings soldered together or making one common shank

Ring Soldering

  1. solder together - price per ring
  2. unsolder rings-price per ring includes polishing

Chain Repairs

  1. solder a break- price includes polishing chain
  2. Replace spring ring clasp
  3. replace lobster claw clasp
  4. Box clasps on bracelets
  5. replace jump rings

Puzzle Rings

  1. sizing -price per band
  2. reassembling

Adding or removing Charms soldered or continuous rings

Battery Replacements

  1. Standard
  2. Lithium

Watch Bands

  1. Replacements
  2. New pins installed
  3. Sizing
  4. new clasps

Watch Crystal Replacement

  1. Generic
  2. Brand name
  3. Irregular or domed - Go out to a watch repairman

Watch Cleaning and Overhauls

  1. Picked up on Fridays by a Master Watch repaiman, quote given before work done.


  1. Verbal evaluation
  2. Three-part Insurance Appraisal/ picture kept on file
  3. Estate evaluations

Pearl and Bead Restringing or Custom Design

  1. Hand knotting on Silk includes cleaning of pearls or beads
  2. Clasp replacement - with bead tips or French wire
  3. Restring bracelets on Tigertail wire

 Buying Gold & Silver  

Two pieces of ID are required and must be 18 years or older - A form is filled out and a signature is mandatory- SEE LUC

Option 1: A cheque will be issued

Option 2: A credit will be issued to your customer account

Option 3: Take in stock items in trade for your credit


Feedback from our valued customers:

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Gemport has been my jewellery store for over 10 years
and because of their friendly, knowledgeable staff I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Gemport has a great selection of jewellery and does fabulous
custom work~Charlotte Kinash-McNeill


Always great service, knowledge and care go into every job. 
~Linda Cowherd, St. Albert

We feel like friends and they always care about us. When I bought a bracelet, Luc put it on my wrist, looked into my eyes, and said "May you always wear this in good health"  
~Jane and Don Smith

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